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We live in an ever-changing world. Sadly, there are people who wish to do physical harm to others and on occasion innocent victims get caught up in these horrible events. Tragic events have taken place in malls, places of business, movie theaters and even schools.

The Plummer Worley School District (PWSD) Board of Trustees and PWSD staff want you to know we share your concern for the safety of your children, family and staff in all that we do. We do not anticipate anything as horrendous as what we see in the news happening here, but we wish to establish a safety-first position.

Starting Monday, September 9, 2019, Lakeside Elementary will join the other schools in our district by leaving the doors entering the school office locked.  We will start using some new technology to secure the students and staff even more than we do today. The outer door at Lakeside Elementary School (LES) will remain unlocked so you do not have to stand out in the rain, snow or heat. You will have immediate access to us however.

You can enter the building by simply pressing the white button in the picture here, on a panel next to the door. (The picture here is the actual equipment beside our door.)

Pressing the button activates a buzzer that notifies office personnel someone wishes to enter. Since we can see you through the door and know who is requesting to enter the building, we will unlock the door momentarily so you might enter. This is done by us pushing a button.  You will hear a clicking noise. Simply pull on the door and enter. It is that simple. Those at the door who we do not know, will be asked via an intercom to give us additional information about their visit.

We have been asked if this is going to be problematic. 
Our answer is it is a simple step worth implementing to add an additional level of security for your children. The good news it the high school and junior high have been using similar systems all week and had great success during the transition.

LES Door Lock

Thank you and please be patient with us as we refine this process.

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