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Last Updated: 4/4/2022 6:34 PM

Over the summer, the Board of Trustees will look to approve Fall 2021 Reopening Plan for students in the Plummer-Worley School District. The plan continues to be updated and provides a high level perspective on the direction the district intends to pursue for the start of the 2021-22 school year. Please let us know your thoughts.

We will continue to provide updates on this website as further information becomes available. A vital resources for PWSD is the data provided by Panhandle Health District. Additional important links are below to current and previous information from the Plummer-Worley School District regarding our Coronavirus (COVID-19) prevention and preparation efforts, as well as links to credible sources of information.

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      Frequently Asked Questions      

1. What is the reopening plan for the fall?

The PWSD plans to open on September 7th for in-person with five days a week instruction with health precautions in place. In the event students or staff are in a quarantined state, accommodations will be made to provide instruction via technology, work packets, or a blended version of the two to support our youth in the community. The District will continue to implement a one-to-one technology device strategy in September to more fully support online learning, if conditions change.

2. Has the PWSD considered alternative scheduling?

In order to provide consistency for our families, PWSD does not plan to offer alternate day schedules, later start times, or similar options, but rather plans to offer five day a week in-person instruction with health precautions in place along with an online school options for those with significant health related concerns.

3. Will masks be required?

Based on current conditions and the general acceptable practices around schools in Northern Idaho, the board will be considering making masks strongly recommended when the district is at a Green Level. The board has not yet made the final determination however. Changing conditions may continue to influence the final determination and there is much left to the summer. So mask wearing is still To Be Determined.

4. Will buses be running?

Buses will be running. We understand some members of the community have concerns in this regard and we encourage you to transport your students on your own. On the bus, we will be encouraging the use of masks.

5. Will Lakeside schools have athletics?

Yes! Precautions are still likely, but unless things worsen dramatically, athletics will begin as originally scheduled.

6. Will the district remain with the modified master schedule (Start of School Day & Ending of School Day) of last year, or return to the more normal schedule of years past?

The district has returned to the schedules of years past.  This decision has been finalized.

7. Will meals be served at school? What if the school has to send the kids home again?

The district has every intent of feeding every student that is learning onsite both breakfast and lunch. In the event the Board of Trustees or the Governor were to once again issue a closure of schools, it is the intent of the district to begin its delivery of meals during this Remote Learning period of time as was performed during the March - May 2020 time-frame.



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