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In the event that remote learning will take place, all students will have access to a laptop from the district. This laptop will allow your student to access their classes, chat with their teachers, and help get their work done through a variety of applications and online websites. This laptop will have been set up to work on our network, but will still be able to work on other networks. However, only the student who the computer is checked out to will be able to log in to the computer.

To many of our students, logging in to the computers is like second nature. However, sometimes we all need a good reminder. When you first turn on the computer you will come to this screen:


Login Screen


*NOTE: If you have logged in before, or your are turning on the computer for the first time after getting it from the school, your student's name may be in place of other users and it will not ask for a username. If this is the case, skip to entering the password.

  1. The first thing you should do on this screen is make sure that, at arrow 1, the phrase says "Sign in to: LAKESIDESD". If it does not say this, this may be an indication that the computer is not ready for remote learning. If so, please contact Jerel Hight at
  2. The second thing you should do is make sure the computer is connected to your local Wi-Fi connection or an ethernet port. The computer will still login to your student's account without being connected to the internet, so this step can be done later.
  3. The next step is to enter your student's username and password. Your student's username will be their initials of their first and last name (as registered at the school) and their 6 digit student ID number. The school can be contacted if you do not know the Student ID Number. For example: John Doe's username would be JD123456 with J and D being his initials and 123456 being their student ID number. Keep in mind that in the case of hyphenated names, only the first initial of the last name will be needed (such as in the case of John Doe-Smith, his initials will still be J and D). 
  4. Finally, you will enter the password to login. Every student's password at the beginning of the year was defaulted to Student1. Enter that into the password box and click 'Enter' on your keyboard or click the arrow. Some students have changed their password and may be different. If your student has forgotten their password, please contact to reset it


All Lakeside Junior/Senior High school students in the during remote learning will be working partly on Schoology. Schoology is a learning management system that will allow students to work on every class from their pod or even from home. There is even a app that can be downloaded from the Google Play Store or the IOS App Store that allows students to work from their phones and mobile devices. The following is access and login information for the Plummer/Worley School District:

- Navigate to NOTE: You must go to this link or type in "" into your web address bar or you will not be able to login with Plummer/Worley credentials. You should come to a page that looks like this (it MUST say Plummer/Worley School District):


Schoology Main Page


- The "username" for your student is their computer login MINUS the letters in their computer username. For example: if your student's computer login is AA123456, their Schoology username login is 123456

- The "password" for your student is defaulted at Student1. If the student has changed their password, and cannot remember it, please contact Instructional Coach Gabe Hensyel at 208-686-1937 or

From this point on, students should be able to log into their account and access their classes. While online or on the app, students will have access to their classes and be able to submit assignments, download attachments, and check their grades.

Schoology also offers an app for smart devices that allows students to login to their account and do school work on the go. That app can be found below:

Schoology: Google Play Store or IOS App Store



Every student in the Plummer/Worley School District has access to Microsoft Office 365 apps, including Word, Outlook (email), OneDrive, Powerpoint, Excel, and Microsoft Teams. Outlook and Teams will be the primary way students can contact teachers during the classroom pod arrangement and at home through the computer and mobile devices. OneDrive is the primary cloud saving location for all files.

The easiest way to access Office 365 is to click on the Gold star on your desktop that says "Office 365". If you do not have the gold star or if you are logging in from your own personal device, then use the URL


Though not necessary if you would like to download the Office Apps, then the following links are available on their respective mobile stores:

The following are links to download these apps from their respective mobile stores:


Office 365 Computer or Mobile Browser Login Page: (click Sign In)

Office 365: Google Play Store or IOS App Store (Click each to download: Word / Powerpoint / Excel)

Outlook: Google Play Store or IOS App Store

Teams: Google Play Store or IOS App Store

OneDrive: Google Play Store or IOS App Store


For each app, and to log on online through a computer or mobile browser, students will use their logins that are the same as their logins that get them onto their school issued computers. For example, if a student's login for a school issued computer is AA123456 with the password Student1, that is the same for Office 365. if your student has forgotten their login username or password, please contact Jerel Hight at


Once logged into Office 365, or on a corresponding app, students will be able to take advantage of the complete Office 365 experience. When logged onto Office 365 on a computer, students will see a screen similar to the one below. To access any app, they will need to click on the icon either along the left side or the top.


Office Main Page


  • Word will allow you to type documents and turn them in.
  • Outlook will open your mailbox and give you the opportunity to email your teachers.
  • OneDrive is where all your documents (Word, PowerPoint, Excel) will save and will allow you to access them over any device you have logged into.
  • Teams can be used to contact your teachers and paras during school hours for help.


Learning how to use these apps will benefit your student immensely, however, the biggest connection you can have with your teachers on a daily basis will be through Microsoft Teams. Through this app, you can text, chat, video chat, and get real time help from your teachers (during school hours). 

When you first log into Teams, you will come to a page similar to the one below. To message your teachers for help, or to set up a time to chat with them, follow the following steps by matching the number on the picture to the order in which you should follow:


Teams Main Page


  1. Click on "Chat"
  2. Click on this symbol that looks like a pen and paper to create a new chat
  3. Enter the name of the Teacher you wish to contact. Note: As you type, their name may appear. Be sure to click on it as it appears
  4. Type your message here and click 'Enter' on your keyboard to send the message


During normal school hours (8am - 3pm), teachers will have access to Teams and will try to return their messages in a timely fashion. Outside of school hours, it may take a little time for teachers to respond, and your student may have to wait until the next school day for a response.

REMINDER: All of this information can also be accessed from home computers and private computer and tablets owned by the student or the family. If you or your student owns a laptop, computer, or mobile device and does not need one from the school, they can still continue to work, stay in touch with teachers, and check grades and assignments with this information.

District Technology



Technology in education has evolved tremendously over the past 10 years. Plummer/Worley School District is in the process of upgrading all technology to better serve our students, staff, and community in the education of our students. We are constantly on the lookout for upgraded computers and software program that can further achieve these goals. Our district is 100% Microsoft based and our students have access to the entire Office suite including the Adobe Creative Cloud products as well. We are a complete 1:1 Student/Tablet district with over 350 student tablets. Each Classroom is equipped with a projector and Smartboard to further enhance the learning environment. We also employ cutting edge student information systems (TylerSIS and Schoology) to help connect our parents to our teachers. 

Acting Technology Director 

Tim Florin

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