2022 Supplemental Levy

Last Updated: 4/29/2022 6:32 PM

The district is again running a supplemental levy. Below is information showing the reason the district is asking for the levy and what it will provide for our students. If you have questions, please feel free to call us at 686-1621.

Without voter approval, the district will lose the valuable revenue needed to continue a basic educational program for our students. No new programs are being added. On March 14, 2022, the school board took action to run a Supplemental Levy election for $627,500 a year for two years. This is less than the last levy in 2019.

The Plummer Worley Joint School District strategically used available federal funds last year to ease the burden of taxes on patrons, so no supplemental levy was run last year. This supplemental levy is to cover areas the available federal dollars won’t. This will pay for:

  • Maintaining existing classroom sizes.
  • Staffing for newly developed Pathways program supporting secondary
     students’ college and career preparation 
  • District counselors
  • Art at the secondary
  • PE at the elementary school
Enhance School Safety
  • Upgrades to exterior doors for secured access
  • Replacement of parts of the aging security camera system
Athletics & Athletic Transportation
  • Maintain existing all athletic programs
  • Transportation to get athletes to contests
Maintenance to Facilities
  • Roof repairs at the Jr High
  • Replace lighting in student occupied areas


Polls will be open from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Locations are listed below:

Plummer Bible Church Worley Community Center
Tensed Senior Center Mica Flats Grange
Emida—mail in  




      Frequently Asked Questions      

1. What happens if the levy does not pass this time?

  • Cuts to staffing will result in larger class sizes in some areas, multi-age combination classes, reduction of elective classes including fine arts, career development, etc., and cuts to the counseling program.
  • While we never want to eliminate that which our students enjoy so much, it will be necessary to put limits on athletics and other student activities.
  • Failure to upgrade and replace safety and security measures, when necessary, could put us all at risk.
  • Delayed maintenance on facilities often results in higher costs in the future.

If the levy doesn’t pass, the district will have to make cuts which will directly impact our students.

2. Why are you asking now for a levy?

Plummer-Worley has worked hard to lessen the impact on local taxpayers. When the district received unexpected federal funding in 2021 it asked for nothing from taxpayers. The current request is less than the last levy that was passed.

3. How does this proposed levy rates compare to previous years?

Recent Levy rates

4. How does this levy rate compare to our neighboring districts?

Regional Levy Rates

5. I missed the deadline for voter preregistration. What now?

Don’t worry! You can still register on election day. Take your valid photo ID, along with proof of residency, to the polls and register on the day of the election.

6. I just moved here. Am I eligible to vote?

If you have lived within the boundaries of Plummer-Worley Schools for 30 days prior to the election, you are eligible to vote. Simply take a valid photo ID, along with proof of residency, to the polls and register on the day of the election.

7. I’m not able to make it to the polling place on election day. What can I do?

You can go to the county office personally to vote, or you can request an absentee ballot be sent to you. Absentee ballots must be requested before May 6.



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