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Dear Lakeside Elementary Community,


Summer is nearing its end. What does that mean? School Time! Here we are headed into another great school year waiting for those exhausted little ones from all that summer fun. Teachers are prepping their respective classrooms for another great year at Lakeside Elementary School.


I was fortunate enough to work over the summer and was able to observe at least one little pair of eyes looking into the school entryway each day to see what had changed, or if their teacher might be wandering the halls. Those of us who were here were greeted with bright eyes and excited voices. We look forward to students coming off those school buses that first day not knowing what awaits them. Teachers have been taking classes, finding new engaging student activities and readying themselves and their classrooms. They too are wondering what new faces will greet them each day.


Whereas school starts on September 3rd, families and community members are encouraged to join us for our Open House on August 29th from 4:30-6:00pm. Teachers have prepared their rooms for that first day and have reserved this time to meet and greet you.  What a wonderful opportunity for everyone to get to know each other.


See you all soon!

Russ Mitchell,
Lakeside Elementary School


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