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Russ Mitchell

Russ Mitchell
Elementary Principal



Dear Lakeside Elementary Community,


Winter Break has passed and students are being asked to refocus. It’s hard enough for the adults, let alone the students. There are a great deal of educational opportunities that lie ahead, so it’s back to work we go. Over the next week or two, standard benchmark testing will be conducted and everyone finds it a bit more tedious, yet it’s an exciting time of the year.


The new ELA program is now implemented in every classroom. This is a challenging phase. Teachers are expected to be twice as diligent and to expect the unexpected. A lesson can be noted in teaching manuals to anticipate a 15 minute activity when it may take only 5 minutes or 45 minutes. A teacher must ask themselves, what new types of activities can you expect to be more engaging? How will students respond to varying types of assessments or activities? Misjudge any element and a productive day can become more chaotic. Teaching the unknown can require twice the planning in a given day with only half of the material covered. It is unsettling for teachers, but the excitement for the new material helps to waylay some concerns.


This coming month brings some exciting opportunities for our students. Not only will we be engaging our new reading program, but science will come to life a little more at LES. Mobius of Spokane will be traveling to Plummer and will be on site for 2 days. Whereas traveling to Spokane to visit the Mobius Science Center would be exciting, we’re able to leverage their traveling educational packages and all students here will receive some kind of interactive STEM activity experience. It can be expected that students will be talking about volcanoes and elements of the life of the owl in weeks ahead.


Starting January 13, families will be sensing a renewed interest in the importance of students being at school. LES will be introducing the new “Strive for Five” attendance awareness program. We will encourage all students to attend school five days a week. We are planning to employ some friendly classroom versus classroom competition, deploy a Mr. Potato Head contest entitled, “Spudhead Get Out of Bed”, and possibly later in the Spring a “Knights of the Round Table” recognition program. Much to be done and laughs to be shared.

Russ Mitchell,
Lakeside Elementary School


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