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Lakeside High School Business Professionals of America


What is BPA?

Business Professionals of America (or BPA for short) is a Career and Technical Student Organization that gives students the opportunity to learn real-world skills, take on leadership positions, earn awards for community service, and compete in competitive events against students from our region, state, and even nationally. 

In 2019, our chapter competes in the Regional Leadership Conference in mid December. If students place in their events at regionals, they get to compete at the State Leadership Conference in Boise in March. If students place in their events at state, then they get to travel Anaheim, California to compete against students from all over the country.

Who Can Join BPA?

Any high school student can join BPA as long as they are motivated and willing to fully participate for the entire school year. Our BPA advisor, Ms. Manhart, encourages all students to join at least one extracuricular activity - even if it isn't BPA. 

How Do We Pay for Our Travel Costs?

In our advisor's classroom, we operate our own business! We sell personalized products such as mugs, apparel, keychains, bags, and more. We use both vinyl and sublimation to customize just about any product you can think of! Both vinyl and sublimation are iron-on processes, but they are slightly different. Vinyl is an iron on process we use with clothing to iron one or two color designs on top of the garment. Sublimation is the process transforming from a solid to a gas while skipping the liquid state. When we use sublimation, we can use an unlimited amount of colors and we can print it on polyester garments and other synthetic materials. Sublimation is what we use to print mugs, keychains, phone cases, coasters, and much more!

You can see what we are up to at our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/lhsbpa/ 


Have questions? Want to order a customized product to support our club?

Email Mrs. Green at green.carly@lakesidesch.org

Printing with Vinyl

Printing with Sublimation


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Mission Statement:     "Working Together to Educate and Prepare Positive, Motivated, and Successful Citizens"