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Russ MitchellElementary Principal

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Dear Lakeside Parents,

March has arrived after a seriously disjointed February. Snow days, boiler issues, federal holidays and sicknesses all contributed to a hit and miss February. Although these types of disruptions are unavoidable, students and teachers lose a sense of sequence and rhythm. Learning based on the previous day’s lessons goes out the window. With all that said, students and staff survived wonderfully and according to one student, “Valentine’s Day was saved.” We’re counting on a much smoother month of March.


The administration of state interim practice testing and state required surveys has begun and groans by students are commonplace. Interim practice testing isn’t just about practicing the procedures associated with the taking of online testing, but also familiarizing students with the testing environment. Testing has changed over the years and the requirements today are even more challenging than previous years. Students at LES enjoy the daily pleasantness of classrooms designed to elicit growth and response and now are thrust into a testing environment void of encouraging words and educational enhancements. The environment is in compliance with state standards, but appears disheartening if you’re not familiar with the state requirements associated with testing environments. Educators are encouragers of the heart and now are to be asked not to. It all seems so contrary.


The cold weather continues to keep students inside. Students and staff are looking for that first day when they can travel through the many mounds of fresh snow on our playground. This being cooped up can have adverse effects on us all. We’re thankful for a wonderful facility, warmth in the classrooms and encouraging words from anyone willing to share with each other.


We look forward to seeing you in our building and at the voting booth this coming Mar 12.


Russ Mitchell,
Lakeside Elementary School


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